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De-Aeration, Dirt Removal & Water Conditioning


During installation, and throughout operation, air may be introduced into the pipework system.

The oxygen present corrodes steel components, creating sludge (magnetite). This dirt within the system subsequently causes circulation problems, and potential damage to plant. The oxygen that remains causes inefficient heat transfer, circulation problems and system noise.

With our de-aeration, dirt removal and water conditioning equipment, you never have to worry about this again.

Our approach is backed by an extensive range of innovative, efficient and cost effective products, either from stock in our warehouse, and available within 24 hours, or to bespoke manufacture to ensure that we always supply the best engineered solution, to suit your exacting requirements.

Our innovative products are all designed to condition the water so that the system runs at maximum efficiency, and this involves removing unwanted air and dirt and introducing chemicals to treat the water.

Our high quality Automatic Air Vents remove large pockets of air that accumulate at high points within the system.

Micro-bubble Air Separators are used to remove air from the circulating water in the pipework, by a process of cohesion (removing micro bubbles), and are suitable for de-aeration of the entire system.

Dirt Separators remove sludge and dirt particles from the system water.

Combined Micro-bubble Air & Dirt Separators remove both air and dirt, and are available in standard and high flow rate models.

Alongside these products, we offer our Pressure Step De-Aerators, or active pressure differential de-aerators, which can even remove dissolved air from the system water.

Pipe Solutions can also offer a Combined Low Loss Header and Air & Dirt Separators, designed to correct hydraulic imbalance, whilst removing the air and dirt present in the system.

Our manual Dosing Pots and automatic Chemical Dosing Sets are used to allow safe introduction of water treatment chemicals into the pressurised system.

Both the Pressure Step De-Aerator and Automatic Dosing Set can be considered as electro-mechanical devices, which can be connected into the BMS for greater control.

If you would like any more information about our these products, please feel free to contact one of the helpful and friendly team at Pipe Solutions - the name you can trust.