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large pipe expansion joints

building movement joints supplied across the UK and Ireland

Whenever piping crosses a building joint, roads, bridges etc., they will be subjected to displacements caused by structural settlement. Building movement joints must be installed to prevent the building movement from damaging the piping system.  Call or message us today.

Building Movement Joints

Whether due to natural building settlement after construction, land shifts of other circumstances and shocks, buildings can ever so slightly shift over time. Whilst not always visible to the naked eye, it can put additional stresses on pipe connections, branches and offsets, where expansion/contraction has not been factored in.  At Pipe Solutions Ltd we specialise in supplying building movement joints and anchors designed to give your systems the wiggle room they need to operate effectively, without impact from building settlement and shifts.

Tailored solutions to suit building movement joints

The building movement joint must be able to handle movements in all directions (X, Y, and Z planes). We have experienced teams in the UK and Ireland, all ready to help. Call or message us today.

  • We work with clients from across the UK and Ireland

  • Over 20 years' industry experience

  • A full design and supply service

  • A competitive price on all products and services

  • ISO 9001 accredited

Pipe Solutions Ltd takes the time to understand your system requirements, and can supply the perfect building movement joints for your particular application.

We can also supply components suitable for tackling thermal expansion.

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