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thermal expansion joints supplied worldwide

Thermal expansion joints, also known as expansion bellows, are designed to allow for the expansion and contraction of materials due to temperature changes. This is useful because pipes tend to expand when heated and contract when cooled and, if they are constrained and unable to move freely, stress buildup, cracking, or structural damage may occur. Therefore, any pipes exposed to temperature variations must be accompanied by high-quality thermal expansion joints.


Looking for an expansion bellows supplier? Our thermal expansion joints are ideal for preventing structural damage and maintaining the integrity and safety of your pipework.

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throughout the UK and Ireland

At Pipe Solutions Ltd, we have supported a diverse range of thermal expansion projects for over twenty years. Whether you need expert technical advice or a full design for any expansion joint problem, and Pipe Solutions Ltd will always strive to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective scheme for our clients.​

Watch Our Video About Our Thermal Expansion Joints

Pipe Solutions thermal expansion joints and pipe guides installed aerially
Installed expansion joints and primary pipe guides on heating pipework.

Why work with our team?

Thermal expansion joints are used to physically compensate for the expansion or contraction of pipework. They can be designed to suit almost any combination of working temperature, pressure and movement capability, following national and international codes and standards such as EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) and PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

  • We work with clients from across the UK and Ireland

  • More than 20 years of industry experience

  • From Axial expansion joints to exhaust bellows, we provide a full design and supply service

  • A competitive price on all products and services

  • ISO 9001 accredited

Many of the products we supply are WRAS approved, making them suitable for use on portable and domestic water systems.


In addition to a range of thermal expansion bellows, including lateral and axial expansion joints, we supply any necessary guides, skids and anchors you’ll need to align the pipe movement. Our products are designed to help you ensure that your pipe systems are effective and efficient.

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