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At Pipe Solutions we use CAESAR II® from Intergraph, to assess and evaluate pipe networks up and down the country, ensuring the meet current standards. Speak to our team in Harrogate or Rochester for more information.

Trust us to find the
stresses of your piping system

Each pipe system is subject to unique environments, and so it pays to thoroughly stress test components and sections to ensure it's fit for purpose.


At Pipe Solutions we use the latest CAESAR II® testing equipment from Intergraph. As registered users, we are able to use CAESAR II® to provide accurate stress analysis services for clients throughout the UK.

It allows us to provide detailed modelling of expansion joints and restraints, alongside other support systems, and indicate any potential areas of concern within a system. It can also help us to assess response to deadweight/pressure loads, pressure, and the effect of wind, settlement or seismic loads.


Watch Our Video About Our Caesar II Software

Tailored analysis
and solutions

At Pipe Solutions Ltd we currently offer analysis using two main types of software. Static analysis methodology is best suited for:

  • Dead weight / sustained load analysis

  • Expansion analysis

  • Component load evaluation

  • Fatigue analysis

  • Flange analysis

  • Seismic analysis static

  • Wind analysis static

  • Snow load and ice loads

Dynamic analysis methodology is another effective tool, which includes modal, harmonic, response spectrum and time history analysis. It is best suited towards:

  • Seismic analysis

  • Wind analysis

  • Relief valve operation

  • Fluid hammer analysis

  • Vibration analysis

  • Slug flow analysis

Complex pipe network
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