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large pipe expansion joints

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Pipe Solutions Ltd offer a range of Pipe Anchors, Pipe Guides and Pipe Skids used in conjunction with Expansion Joints and Building Movement Joints to control the movement of pipework.

Effective pipe securing solutions

Inadequate anchoring and/or improper guiding of the pipe can cause induced stress on pipe connections, branches, and offsets. When an expansion joint is pressurised, internal thrust forces create an internal pressure acting on the effective area of the bellows element of the expansion joint or building movement joint allowing movement to be taken up.

Pipe Anchors are fixed points installed onto pipework to withstand and control thrust due to pressure. At Pipe Solutions Ltd, our design team can calculate the load on each anchor point as well as the forces which will be applied to the piping guides necessary to prevent bowing and bending.

When Pipe Guides are used to control axial movement, the Expansion Joint must be protected by Primary Guides with Intermediate Guides along the rest of the pipe. The first guide must be located within 4 pipe diameters of the Expansion Joint and a second must be located within 14 diameters of the first pipe guide.

Pipe Skids provide support for mainly large pipes, so the pipe moves much easier and is not prone to break, bend, or crack. It consists of two parts, a slider plate and a base plate which has a stainless-steel sliding surface.

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