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Dosing pots and sets for a range of applications

Enjoy greater control over the quality and composition of your water, with the help of Pipe Solutions Ltd. We provide a range of solutions for projects throughout the UK and Ireland: speak to our Harrogate or Rochester based teams today.

Manage closed water systems with ease

Chemical dosing is an effective way to control the quality and composition of the water used in heating and other applications. Whether you want to inhibit corrosion, control the Ph value or change the thermal qualities of water (e.g. antifreeze), the team at Pipe Solutions Ltd can help.

Our manual dosing pots and automatic chemical dosing sets are used to allow the safe introduction of water treatment chemicals into the pressurised system. Both the Pressure Step De-aerator and Automatic Dosing Set can be considered electro-mechanical devices, which can be connected to the BMS for greater control.

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Find the right chemical dosing equipment today

Our dosing pots and sets allow a range of chemicals and additives to be introduced into a closed, pressurised water system with minimal fuss. We're more than happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the perfect solution.

With more than 20 years of industry experience and a commitment to providing a high-quality service, Pipe  Solutions aims to become your first choice for water conditioning systems.

With office teams based in Rochester and Harrogate, we can provide a nationwide service. Get in touch today: our helpful team will be happy to help you find the ideal solution.

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