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Noise and Vibration Control Equipment 

Vibration control and noise control products are designed to reduce the vibration and noise produced by reciprocating or rotating plant machinery, and limit their subsequent transmission. To find out more about our range of anti-vibration equipment, speak to the specialists at Pipe Solutions Ltd in Harrogate.

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It is of utmost importance that anti-vibration equipment and noise control products are selected and positioned carefully, as the purchasing and use of the wrong specification can be a detriment to the control of vibration, as opposed to isolating it. Fortunately, the team at Pipe Solutions Ltd have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you make the right choice to achieve optimum results. From flexible connectors to stainless steel or rubber hoses and AV mounts, we have a solution to suit every situation, with a friendly service and expert technical advice to match.

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Flexible connectors are devices that physically control vibration, reducing the vibration transmission from the plant to the pipework. They generally consist of either moulded reinforced rubber bellows or flexible stainless steel corrugated membranes, and hence suitability for many combinations of working temperature, pressure and media is achievable.

Within our portfolio, Pipe Solutions also offer many hoses in materials to suit your application, including stainless steel hoses as well as plastic and rubber hoses for applications such as fan coils. Our rubber turret mounts and turret hangers are designed to reduce noise and vibrations from a wide variety of different pieces of equipment. These could include pipes, ducts, fans, fan coils, pumps and air handling units.


Our spring mounts and spring hangers generally comprise helical steel springs and rubber elements within a steel enclosure. Designed to provide a large range of load ratings and static deflections, these resilient elements enable the acoustic engineer to develop highly efficient vibration isolation systems.

Pipe Solutions stainless steel flexible connector with rubber bellows for pipework
Pipe Solutions spring mount with inertia base for pipework

Inertia bases are commonly used in building services plant areas to mount pumps and are usually supported on spring mounts. They are supplied as a complete package, ready for positioning and filling with concrete on site.


We also provide a wide selection of damping pads, including profiled or smooth rubber, and bonded cork-elastomer. These are designed to reduce noise and vibration from plant items at high forcing frequencies. To complement these sheets, we also offer a range of collars, flat washers and top-hat bushings.  We are pleased to confirm we offer many of these products with fully certified WRAS approval for use on potable and domestic water systems.

If you would like more information about our vibration and noise control equipment, please contact the helpful and friendly team at Pipe Solutions Ltd - a name you can trust. With teams in Harrogate, Rochester, and elsewhere in the UK, we are the ideal choice for the nation's many businesses and developers.

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