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Thermal Expansions

Pipe Solutions Ltd offers a range of design and support services to help benefit from the right pipe system upgrades. Get in touch with our team in Harrogate or Rochester to learn more.

Spring hangar selection

A spring hanger in a piping system context is defined as a coil spring with rubber isolating elements, within a cage that supports the weight (known as the design load) of the pipe and contents. It will also accommodate thermal expansion or contraction of the pipe and prevent noise from being transmitted through the building structure.

they are typically used in locations where the low frequencies products by pipe and plant noise can impact the building.

Selection of the appropriate spring support requires several factors to be considered and Pipe Solutions Ltd are on hand to offer you that advice.

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Thermal expansion calculation

Depending on factors such as fluid temperature, pipes will expand and contract against its restraints such as pipe connections, branches and offsets resulting in internal forces and stresses upon the pipe network itself. 

Our design team can calculate the axial force generated in the piping system and also the magnitude of the forces acting upon pipes anchors and guides.

We can also calculate
•    Piping flexibility analysis
•    Allowable displacements
•    Allowable stresses for piping material
•    Wind loads on piping systems


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