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Healthcare & Medical Research

Institute of Transplantation, Freeman Hospital



A Transplant centre which is set to make the North East a world leader in organ swaps is on track to open late 2011. The centre will bring cardiothoracic transplant surgery, general transplant surgery and renal transplant surgery all under one roof and will include four large operating theatres, a 300-bed ward, an outpatient unit and a training lecture theatre.

The four 'oversized' theatres are designed specifically to facilitate simultaneous transplant surgery and all patient areas will be compliant with current control of infection standards so that the complex nursing needs of transplant patients can be met.

Mechanical Contractor: Bailey Ltd.

Consultant: TGA

Products/services supplied: 

  • Building Movement Joints

  • Expansion Joints

  • WRAS Approved Expansion Joints

  • Guides

  • Skids

  • Anchors

  • Flexible Connections

  • Braided stainless steel hoses

  • Braided rubber hoses

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