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Quadrant 3, Glasshouse Street



Quadrant 3 sees the 94-year-old Regent Palace Hotel being substantially redeveloped, with a major restoration scheme and state of the art energy centre unlocking the development potential of this central but historically underutilised area. Half of the historic facades of the Grade II listed hotel are being repaired and retained, and the glamorous 1930s art deco interiors of the Atlantic Bar and Grill and the Titanic Bar are being completely restored within the redevelopment.

The development includes seven floors of offices, a ground floor incorporating shops, and nine residential units. Upgrades to the public realm include the pedestrianisation of a large part of Glasshouse Street and the creation of a new pedestrian route, Wilder Walk, from Glasshouse Street to Sherwood Street.

Mechanical Contractor: Michael J. Lonsdale Ltd.

Consultant: AECOM

Products/services supplied:

  • Expansion Joints

  • WRAS Approved Expansion Joints

  • Guides

  • Flexible Connectors

  • Braided stainless steel hoses

  • Braided rubber hoses

  • Chemical Dosing Pot

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